2401 (Dawlish & Teignmouth) Squadron Cadet / Parent Information

  • Basic Training

As a new member of the Squadron you will learn the basics of.....

  1. History of the Air Cadets
  2. History of the Royal Air Force
  3. Initial expedition training
  4. Radio communication
  5. Drill
  6. Airmanship
  7. History of flight
  8. Uniform upkeep / standards

On completion of this training you will be awarded the "First Class Cadet" badge.

The first class cadet badge.

Once you have completed the training, mentioned above, you will then go on to train for your "Leading Cadet" badge. Becoming a leading cadet will allow you to go on overseas camps and other exciting activities.

The leading cadet badge

Once you have completed this training you can then go on to the "Senior Cadet" badge. You will need to take a number of exams from the Senior Cadet syllabus.

The Senior cadet badge.

Once completed you can go onto the Master/Instructor Cadet. There are two parts to becoming an Instructor cadet. The first is a number of exams that need to be completed. Thats when you become a "Master cadet". The next step is an instructional techniques course at "The cadet Training Weekend". Once completed you can wear the yellow lanyard.

The master cadet badge

The yellow Instructor Cadet lanyard

  • Rank Structure - Cadet NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officer's)

NCO's are a "Non-Commissioned Officer", which means that they are not saluted. However, they are to be called by their respective rank. E.g. Corporal. As a NCO their duty is to ensure that Cadets are given help and guidance through their time with the Air Cadets. They will also provide leadership and instruction where necessary. There are both Cadet and adult staff NCO's

Cadet NCO rank structure

Adult staff NCO's rank structure


  • Rank Structure - officers

Officers hold a Queens Commission and are therefore saluted as a respect to the Queen. When address an Officer you refer to them as "Sir"or "Ma'am". The officers role is more management of the Squadron along with more specific training depending on qualifications held.

The rank structure for officers

 There are more ranks but these are the ones you are likely to meet on a more regular basis. 

  •  Structure of the Royal Air Force Cadets.

2401 Squadron is one of nearly 900 squadrons. in the United Kingdom. below is a brief outline of the structure.

  1. 2401 Sqn is part of four other local units - know as a sector.
  2. Four sectors make up 24 Squadrons and Detached Flights for Devon and Somerset Wing.
  3. Devon and Somerset Wing is one of six Wings that make up the South West Region.
  4. South West Region is part of six regions that make up The Royal Air Force Air Cadets - also know as the "Corps".


  •  Uniform

After handing in all your paperwork and Uniform measurements, you will be issued your uniform by one of the NCO's or Staff. You will be issued a set of working and best ("Wedgwood") blue uniform plus a full set of MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern Material - also known as "greens").

To wear the "blue" uniform is a privilege and is to be worn to the highest standard as you are representing the Royal Air Force, The RAF Air Cadets, and, your age group.

It is your responsibility yo look after your uniform, ensuring that it is pressed and your shoes are polished (You will need to buy your own shoes so ensure you speak to a staff first before buying). 


Males - Hair must be short, off the collar, and above the ears. Males must be clean shaven.

Females - Hair must be tied back into a bun, using hair bands, bun nets, and clips that match their hair colour. If female hair doesn't reach the bottom of the collar, they do not need to put their hair in a bun but it must be clipped back away from the face. 

Jewellery and make up - Facial piercings are not permitted and must be removed before attending the squadron. This is for safety. However for females, one stud is permitted to be worn in each ear lobe and must be a plain gold, or sliver stud. Make-up must be neutral and inconspicuous. 

Uniform standard - Working blues - On a parade evening you will advised in advance which to wear.



Uniform Standard- Best Blue


Uniform Standard - DPM - This must be worn to the same high standards as your Working Blue andBest Blue uniform.


Below is a link to the 2401 Squadron Introduction Booklet - Which contains all the information above.  

2401 Sqn Induction booklet