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Grob Tutor

What We Do

"We are an Air, Space and Cyber focused uniformed youth organisation whose purpose is to grow young people's potential while fostering an interest in the Royal Air Force"

Flying and Gliding

Air cadets will learn about key features and controls of different aircraft and airfields. We make use of flight simulation software to assist bringing some of the theory of flight to life.

There are opportunities available for cadets to enjoy air experience flights in powered aircraft or gliders, and see aircraft up close on visits to Royal Air Force stations, museums and airshows.

Space and Cyber

The RAF Air Cadets have recently revamped our training relating to space topics such as applications of space technologies, exploration and celestial objects.

Cyber training is designed to provide cadets with a solid grounding in cyber awareness and security through an increasingly challenging range of qualifications from bronze, silver to gold level awards.

In addition, RAFAC also facilitates the delivery of the Government Communications HQ (GCHQ) CyberFirst courses as required by the Ministry of Defence, as well as various cyber skills competitions including CyberCenturion.

Military Skills

As a uniformed youth organisation sponsored by the Royal Air Force, air cadets are able to gain an insight into skills that are essential to such as:

  • Drill and ceremonial parades
  • Target shooting
  • Fieldcraft
  • Radio Communications
  • Map Reading and Navigation

Sports and Adventurous Training

Taking part in sports help to build physical and mental agility, but also develop essential teamwork and communication skills. Air cadets will regularly take part in activities like football, rounders and swimming locally, and may also compete in competitions at a county, regional or national level.

The RAF Air Cadets plan challenging and adventurous activities within a safe environment to build confidence as well as have fun. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Paddlesports
  • Climbing and abseiling

Life Skills and Qualifications

Many activities within the RAF Air Cadets help to grow core skills essential in daily life. Some of our training also award nationally recognised qualifications that can contribute towards securing education and employment opportunities.

  • Teamwork, leadership and communication
  • Presentation skills
  • First aid training
  • Community and service engagement
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Music